What is Collabohedron?

Collabohedron is a platform dedicated to the world of aleatoric creation, where artists and musicians create their work in partnership with… whatever’s handy.

This might mean working with AI, some sort of generative process, or simply pulling suggestions out of a hat. Whatever it is, we temporarily empower that thing to stand in for another creative, offering perspectives and directions we might not have considered alone.

The name “Collabohedron” mixes the words “collaboration” and “dodecahedron,” the twelve-sided die used in Dungeons & Dragons.

Of course, the beauty of aleatoric creation lies not just in the instant gratification of the process, but also in the careful revision and curation that follows; it’s the power of relinquishing control, and then taking it back.

We understand that aleatoric creation can be a highly iterative and experimental process, and we are committed to sharing our insights, tips, and tricks to help you navigate the journey.

By way of example

Dramatically, that’s really where the intro ought to end. But we’re all about process, so…